Position Rear, Longitudinal
Cylinders 4 in line
Diameter/Stroke 88.5 x 71.5 mm
Total Capacity 1759 cm3
Cyl-Head Type TRIFLUX twin flow
Valves 2 Inlet/2 Exhaust per cylinder, DOHC
Compression Ratio 7.5:1
Power 600 CV at 8000 rpm
Torque 55 kgm at 5000 rpm
Boosting Two K.K.K. K26 Turbochargers and two air-air intercoolers (one for each turbocharger)
Injection/Ignition WEBER/MAGNETI MARELLI IA.W. integrated ignition and injection with electronic boost control
Lubrification Oil dry sump with engine driven oil-pump (send & return) to separate 7 Litre separator tank. Oil-cooler radiator

Traction 4 wheel drive; Central epicyclic differential with slip control (viscous coupling); Frt and Rr LSD Mechanical Z.F.; Transmission shaft to Frt. Differential in composite material; possibility to lock the central differential
Clutch Twin plate (AP type) with Metal-Ceramic plates
Gearbox In front of engine, 5 gears with dog engagement (front facing)
Torque ratio Frt / Rr : 30 / 70

Chassis Main structure in Composite (Honeycomb with external Carbon-Fibre). Frt structure in steel tubing
Body Panels Panels in Carbon-Fibre and/or Kevlar impregnated in Epoxy Resin
Frt Suspension Independent with upper/lower Wishbones (lower deformable), Co-axial spring/Damper, Anti-Roll Bar
Rr Suspension Independent with upper/lower wishbones, Co-axial single-spring/twin-Damper, Anti-Roll Bar
Dampers Gas, BILSTEIN
Frt Brakes BREMBO diameter 300 mm, Fixed calipers with twin pistons
Rr Brakes BREMBO diameter 300 mm, Fixed calipers with twin pistons
Handbrake Hydraulic in parallel with main Braking circuit (note, main circuit has manually adjustable Frt/Rr Bias)
Steering TRW rack and pinion with power assist from Frt. Differential
SPEEDLINE composite 9"x16"
SPEEDLINE magnesium with composite aerodynamic cover 11"x16"
Frt Tyres PIRELLI 230/660-16
Rr Tyres PIRELLI 290/660-16

Wheelbase 2440 mm
Frt track 1500 mm with slick tyres
Rr Track 1520 mm with slick tyres
Lenght 4005 mm
Width 1880 mm
Height 1500 mm
Fuel capacity 25 Litres
Weight 930 kg (Gr.B FISA specification)

Magneti Marelli Electrics/Electronics
Bilstein Dampers
Olio Fiat Oils
Esso Fuel
TRW Sabelt Safety Harnesses
Siem Headlamps
Savara Filters
Borletti Instruments
CBC Body panels (non-structural)
IdC Body (Composite central structure)

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