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Recognition, Appreciation and HEART-FELT THANKS are necessary to:

.:: Giuseppe Volta ::.

Race & Rally Car Preparation Expert, Gentleman Driver, passionate about each and every vehicle that has made Italian Motorsport History. To him go the Honors and Gratitude to have dedicated his time and determination to complete this prestigious project, with unique value in the Rally-world.

.:: Dr. Cesare Fiorio ::.

Sport Team Director for Lancia Racing, during the legendary period when Lancia-Abarth prepared vehicles dominated the World's special stages, for historic factual accuracy regarding the Group B Rally Car period.

.:: Ing. Sergio Limone e Ing Claudio Lombardi ::.

Two softly spoken and modest Engineers who, between them created the maximum expression of Italian Motorsport Engineering, in the form of the Lancia Rally 037 (WRC 1983) and the Lancia Delta S4, amongst numerous other successful projects - thanks for their invaluable technical advice to the preparation team.

.:: Miki Biasion ::.

World Class Rally Driver, World Champion in 1988 and 1989, and European Champion in 1983, for the official test-drives and presentation of the ECV1 and development feedback for the next events.

.:: Michael Arora - Carlo Demichelis ::.

For precious consultation, design, procurement and technical experience on the Vehicle and Chassis during the Restoration.

.:: Franco Berri ::.

For Engine Preparation and Testing/Mapping/Calibration, and for not blowing-up the one and only TRIFLUX engine ;-)

.:: Alessandro "Pop-Rivet" Bonetto ::.

Extraordinary young Chief Mechanic, who by hand and sweat and sleepless nights, created and moulded metal and carbon-fibre parts to breath life into the ECV1 without him, the vehicle would not have existed.

.:: Andrea, Maurizio, Marcello, Gianluigi e Scooter ::.

Untiring Mechanics with the necessary technical abilities to build a technical Jewel, worthy of the "Made in Italy".

.:: Historic Lancia Rally ::.

The Official Club for Lancia 11 times World Rally Champions, for archive material.

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