.:: WHEEL RIMS ::.

.:: The ECV wheel rim was made by SPEEDLINE from composite materials ::.

Composite materials are used to construct the Front wheel-rims fitted to the ECV.
The wheels were the result of applied research by SPEEDLINE in collaboration with the racing department of Fiat- Abarth, Enichem and IDC.
The objective of this research was to propose and to evaluate the construction of a wheel-rim made from carbon fiber for rally-use on "gravel surfaces", this being the most extreme use condition, with the aim of achieving a significant weight saving compared to the typical magnesium-alloy rims, which were normally used for rally-events.
The composite rims were made from :

  • Carbon-fabric sheets impregnated with epoxy resin;
  • A honeycomb and aluminum centre flange with an additional adhesive protective film to withstand the high temperatures generated by the brakes;
  • Special resin formulas at the wheel rim edge to reinforce this critical area.

  • Due to these innovative materials and processing methods, weight savings of 40% and a total weight of 6 kg per wheel were achieved for a gravel rim measuring 8x16 ", capable of withstanding the stresses imposed by a rally-car with a power of 600 hp.

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